Lonely Planet - A Trip To Vietnam VI

hi fellows,

it's 2304 now.

It's such a fruitful day today!
- woke up at abt 8am and went to hv breakfast.
- spent around 2.5 hrs at the pool.
- headed out to a local rest. having Pho for lunch.
- went to a thousand yrs old temple.
- back to hotel at 5pm and had an hour long body scrub treatment. MM went down to gym la of cuz.
- went to a chinese deco rest. to hv seafood. food is ok nice.
- had a drink at a bar which is said to be the most funky bar in town, turned out, nothing funky lor.
- took tri-cycle back to hotel.

We will take 1135am flight back to HCM city then still have few more hrs to walk around. Want to check out few local coffee shops!!

Go to sleep la~
See ya all in HK!! Muackkk..


Wordy said...

um ... sounds more fruitful in many ways compared with your kansai trip a few months ago

photos! next week, k?

Fun said...


naruto said...


best actor said...

this sounds like a body and soul, uber pampering trip.... so any raunchy details to share? :o) kidding.

Anonymous said...

MM這様勤力做gym。 我們要看看他的成績!

Fun said...

to naruto,
i m such a lazy chick la!

to vince,
wat do ya wanna know le?

to anonymous,
errr.. how can u show his le? :)

Fun said...

to anonymous,
i mean how can i show his成績le? :)

CH Mak said...