Lonely Planet - A Trip To Vietnam II

hi fellows,

It's 1045am here in HCM.

We'd very nice vietnamese food for late dinner last nite. The one we planned to go was closed by the time we got there, damn. So we found this rest. called Bunta (means noodle). Pretty nice deco and food is cool. Dishes are all around $USD3 to 6, according to the standard of Vietnam, its not cheap. After dinner, we went to check out couple bars as its Sat nite, turned out we didn't go in any of them as they are SO DEAD?! No nite life here prob.?

This morning, we'd breakfast at the outdoor rest. in the hotel, very nice view!! Tho its only morning time, its already damn hot, cant imagine how bad it could be during daytime. I will bring a little towel all along lol.

We are heading out now to walk around the city. Wish u guys hv a nice sunday..
(con't, updated at 1930pm)

MM is taking a power nap juz now.

Went to Vietnamese War musuem this pm. Quite upset tho as we hv seen many disturbing historical pics. And there are even drawings showing how american soldiers tortured the Vietnamese back then. IT''S FXXKING TERRIBLE for god sake.

Today, we exprienced "robbery" as well. While MM was taking pics on the road side, a motor cycle running by so fastly, and the guy on the cycle tried to grab MM's camera!!!!! Phew, thank god he was juz able to touch MM's arm. After that we both hold our stuffs so tightly!

Then we went to check out a church, an opera hse, a post office and Saigon riverside. Damn hot during daytime, we've been terribily sweaty, STICKY~

Heading out for dinner now. ciao



Anthony ng said...

ha? the chinese input cannot work meh?

費仕騰 said...

喂, 今日報紙出港生呀, 好鬼好笑, 最衰我地個FRD冇去INTERVIEW, 如果唔係應該會仲有睇頭, 嘻!

仲有呀今日蘋果有全版歷屆35年港姐特輯呀, 飲茶時見到, 隔離果呀叔問佢老婆, 呢個孫詠恩有冇40歲呢? 睇黎佢都唔太知港姐已經選左35年!!!

naruto said...


Fun said...

i forgot to save those links u sent me ar haha. if possible, send me again la~

i read news la. that "sentimental ling muk yan" is really hilarious. seems the quality this yr isnt bad tho~

thx in advance, let me check with my mom sin~

edward wong said...

Hi fun,

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Enjoy Vietnam, Edward

Fun said...

hey edward,

thx for ur info, will check it out for sure tho i dont think i can fit in dior homme lor lol~

best actor said...

play safe and enjoy, look forward to your travelogue! :o)