Lonely Planet - A Trip To Vietnam IV

hi fellows,

it's 1925 now.

Juz got back frm pedicure and foot scrub at the spa and salon in the hotel, guess how much is it? It's only USD$7, isnt it crazy? As its too cheap so that I even had manicure haha.

Didnt do much today, I stayed at the pool side for the entire afternoon to read, eat, swim and grill myself. MM went to gym and then walked around the city by himself.

Head out to dinner soon but still dunno what to eat tho. Anyway, hv to go to bed early tonite as we joined a local tour and need to leave hotel at 830am tmr morning.

talk later

here's the view frm our hotel room, isnt it nice?!


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Fun said...

haha.. in fact Nha Trang is quite like those resort areas in mexico ga~

費仕騰 said...

very nice!