Live from SG (III)

Hi all,

Didnt do much yesterday, its quite "hea" indeed.

Went Holland V. to eat my fav SG food for lunch - Laska, only SGD$4 a bow, super yum yum. Then went to Sentosa beach to play volleyball (I actually just watched them playing with a glass of magarita).

GT picked a nice Indian rest. for dinner, the food is fine but the deco and service are cool.

Late nite, we went to eBar and Taboo, met lots of old frds, so happy!!

Oh.. almost forgot the late supper at 4am.. Pig liver congee~

Everyone is getting ready to go out for brunch, talk later!

my late supper!!!!!!

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Broken_black said...

Have you try " Ice Ka Chong " ? COOOOOL !!!