Fun Bakery - Classic Chocolate Cake

- 朱古力 (75% dark) 80g
- 牛油 70g
- 忌廉 (single or double) 30g
- 蛋黃 3個
- 糖A 40g
- 麵粉 15g
- 朱古力粉 50g
- 蛋白 6個
- 糖B 70g

step2:忌廉加熱;step3:蛋黃加糖打至發白,加入(1) 及 (2)
frosting:坐溶50g dark chocolate,再加入1/4杯忌廉


KennyT said...

Fun, my birthday is on 24 Feb!!!!!!

Gigi said...




Fun said...

haha ok.. u fix the date and i will be there with a cake!

it surely is not hard to bake such cake, anyone can try~

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