Live from Tokyo IV

Hi fellows,

Finally my 6 days Tokyo trip is abt to finish!!! How sad~~

Yesterday, I went to 江之島&鎌倉and its really cool, thank god I did give a try! The weather was superb, sunny but breezy (given that it's been rained for the whole day in Shinjuku) and I even got tanned hehe!! Also saw some hot surfers on the beach, umm.. maybe I should go there again in summertime hehe! Will give u guys more ideas abt these places later in my entry.

Then, I headed bk to town for dinner. Went to this 河豚專門店 in Shibuya recommended by a frd. The taste of 河豚 is kinda unique and the texture is quite chewy!! The dinner set includes sashimi, sabusabu and congee, very full ah!!

It's now 830am and I am getting ready to enjoy my last day in Tokyo (actually hv to check out at 10am). Will be walking around Shinjuku for last min CD shopping and of cuz to Isetand to buy cake, cookies and bagel etc hahahaha..

So see u all in HK la~ Ciao~

a dessert place at 七里濱, yum yum dessert plus amazing see view




best actor said...

河豚 sashimi, to be honest, I wanna try. Something one must do once in a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you went to Kamakura on such a nice day. I went 2 days before you did and the rain was pouring. Then again, it was quiet romantic and zen seeing all these temples soaking wet. If you ever go back, I would highly recommend you to visit 妙法寺 to see it's wondeful staircase covered with green moss http://www.flickr.com/photos/a-toshiaki/3499042783/in/set-72157617554367974/

Fun said...

u should try it someday as Fuku's taste is very unique :)

ur pics are extremely nice!!! in fact when i was in kamakura, i was regret that why i didnt buy a better camera haha :)