Live from Phuket - Day 2

sawadee krup!!

I am now here in Phuket to enjoy a 5 days vacation, yeah! Believe or not, this is actually my Phukey debut haha~ The weather today is alright, no rain and sun comes out in the afternoon, hope we will have a bright sunny tmr~

Today is quite a “hea” day, stayed at the hotel till 3ish then went out for Thai massage and followed by a fancy Thai Dinner. The curry is just awesome!

Tmr’s schedule is to attend a cooking class in the morning, we will first go to the wet market buying ingredients with the chef then head back to the hotel to cook. Sound so interesting, so looking forward to hehe..

How about you guys? Any plan over the weekend? Hope you all are gonna have a spectacular weekend la!

This Thai Restaurant is located at one of the most luxurious resorts in Phuket, Amanpuri! I just love this curry platter, it includes, red curry w/ prawn, green curry w/ chicken and yellow curry w/ beef!! Super yummy~


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